This tutorial should work with most digital art programs such as SAI, Photoshop, MangaStudio and Corel Painter.

Okay so before I start I should first sum up the layers I’m gonna use:


Alright now when we got that cleared up, let’s get started!


I begin with a grayscale painting. I only include regular shadows such as cast shadows and core shadows. For this part you can go further and render the picture to make it look less like a drawing/sketch. Or just leave it as it is.

Make sure this layer contains no white pixels once you’re done. And try not to make the shadows too dark or too bright.


Now lock the layer, set it to multiply and fill it with a dark red tone - this goes mainly for areas such as skin and hair. But don’t be afraid to experiment with other hues!


Create a new layer below the first one and fill it with your preferred dark base color. 


Now it’s time to add the colors! Create a normal layer between the first two and simply start coloring. I suggest using a brush with opacity set to pen pressure. Make sure to not add “shadow colors” here - that’s what we have the dark base layer for!


The red tone from the top layer is great for adding warmth blending in the skin and hair.


If you aren’t satisfied with the color mood, just change the dark base layer to a different color. It’s a nice safe way to experiment with color combinations!


Here’s the final result! I could continue to work on this further by merging the layers and render it to look more paintery. But I think this looks okay as it is.

I hope this tutorial is somewhat helpful for some peeps out there!

//Mirre (foervraengd)











Two wing wraps are available and ready to ship!

Hand dyed 90” long wing wrap. Drapes over the shoulders or can be wrapped around your body. Add a fancy cloak clasp for an even more dramatic look! These are hand dyed with lasting high quality materials.


Each wrap is one of a kind, no two will ever be the same. I’m offering these as i make them, you are buying the exact wrap pictured. They take awhile to produce but i will try to make them available as often as i can.

The red wrap has cool iridescent dots while the grey has dramatic gold accents. All dyes and paints and been heat set.



50/50 wool/polyester material. Do not machine wash or dry clean! Spot clean only with water, do not use solvents. The fabric is dyed and heat set but due to the handmade nature of this piece please treat it with care.


When painting stripes on fabric, you always want to use a stencil!  Painting many perfectly even, spaced lines is something extremely difficult to do - a much easier solution is to create a stencil out of painter’s blue tape.  You can also create a stencil out of freezer paper, but try to use tape if possible since it’s easier to lay and already cut out into strips for you.

Fabric paint is the best choice to use when picking your materials.  It’s meant to be flexible and move when your fabric bends, which is very important since your paint will be covering half of your fabric.  Acrylic paint is not recommended unless you are making something very stiff (like our derse outfits).   However be sure to buy the bigger sized tubes, since this method uses quite a bit of paint.


More pose references! (hands & face) :>
Part 1 is here.

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Hello I'm writing a story with an assassin, but I really know nothing about what I would need to know to do that (guns, surveillance, needed tech, basically everything). Do you think you could help me out?


Outside Sources


  • My munitions expert suggested a M107 Barrett .50 Caliber Anti-Material Rifle, an AS50, or the M200 Cheytac Intervention as ideal long-range assassination weapons.
  • He also suggested a M1911, Sig Sauer p226, or Beretta M9 as fairly accurate sidearms. Unless your assassin is flashy and wants a Desert Eagle .50 or a Smith and Wesson .500 … but flashy assassins usually don’t survive long. A suppressed Colt .45 with a sleeve over the ejection port (to catch the casings for no evidence) would work well for a close-range discreet assassination. All the guns are fairly expensive and difficult to acquire legally.
  • With the weapons come the equipment - tripods for stabilization, scopes for sighting, conversion kits, cleaning kits (oh my god clean your guns frequently; this is super important), bullets, carrying cases, gunsafes, and probably a gun club membership (the assassin will need to practice their marksmanship frequently if they intend to make a profession out of it, and especially if they’re long range killers).
  • Learn the parts of a gun (rifle, machine gun, handgun, shotgun). The assassin should be comfortable with many different guns, and not just in terms of machine gun vs. rifle. Each gun has its own little idiosyncrasies and shooting accurately with a stranger’s gun takes practice. It’s like driving someone else’s car - you can do it, but not as well as you drive your own car.
  • A target with his head right between the assassin’s sights is probably going to live if the assassin pulls the trigger. Dead center sights do not equal shots. There’s all sorts of things you need to factor in, like wind speed, the kick of the gun (ALL GUNS KICK BTW), the Coriolis effect, and distance. 
  • This post details breaking into secure locations, something the assassin will need to do well.
How do you draw such beautiful eyes?








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My only wish is that the fabric wasn’t marbled-print.

Seriously, universe, why can’t we get awesome versions of this that’d fit men too? Because, so help me, I need this or something much like it. 


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The second one on the top right, with the ruffled train. That entire outfit. YES, PLEASE.


Black victorian dresses. They are the amazing *_*

these are from all over - most are modern - but where are the top two from somebody please tell me i need this information

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collections that are raw as fuck ➝ alexander mcqueen pre-fall 2009

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